Shining a Light on Science:
Discovering Sustainability with EURECA-PRO in Mittweida

A Night of Science isn’t a Night of Science without EURECA-PRO!

In the center of media and social work, the stand of EURECA-PRO impressed with a variety of interactive stations designed to raise awareness of sustainability in a playful way. From exciting quiz questions to a waste separation station to estimating the CO2 balance of food, science came alive.

Three games had been set up to raise awareness for responsible consumption and production in an informative and entertaining way. A quiz on sustainability, a waste separation station and a display where the CO2 balance of food had to be estimated attracted huge amounts of interest. While participants tested their knowledge, they were also invited to reflect on different aspects of sustainability as well as their own consumption habits.

The Night of Sciences at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences allowed visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of science on the night of Friday the 23rd. Here everyone could discover the different fields of science the university offers while taking part in all kinds of activities: hand-on experiments, fascinating lectures, and tours of the laboratories and studios of the university while walking through the illuminated university grounds from 6 pm till midnight.

The Night of Science attracted numerous visitors of all ages and social groups. The combination of science and playful elements proved to be extremely effective, as the guests showed great interest in the interactive stations and participated enthusiastically in discussions on different aspects of sustainability.

Maxie, a 21-year-old visitor, was impressed “The stand has many different ways to present information, making it a laid-back and enjoyable experience for sharing knowledge and building on what we already knew. Everyone was really nice.

An important part of events such as this Night of Science is to impart knowledge and motivate people to make more sustainable decisions. Incorporating playful elements can make learning and dealing with complex issues such as sustainability more accessible and entertaining. The positive response and diversity of the visitors showed that these topics are of great importance to the public and that there is a lot of potential for sustainable action across all of society.

Overall, the Night of Science at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences proved to be a huge success in raising awareness for EURECA-PRO while encouraging people to make positive contributions to the environment.

We can’t wait to see you at the next Night of Science! Till then check out our other events regularly here:
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