Vision and Mission

2023 - 2027


  • generating interdisciplinary, holistic and systemic knowledge on RCP,
  • transferring knowledge into all educational activities,
  • educating critical, future-oriented, multi-dimensional leaders andcitizens on all levels,
  • integrating outcomes with and for society,
  • eliminating barriers and deeply integrate cooperation structures.


BY 2040...

EURECA-PRO implements all structures and actions necessary to reach its laid-out vision. Out of these actions, Research Lighthouse Faculties eventually evolve. They unite research clusters which generate interdisciplinary, holistic and systemic knowledge on RCP.  The Project Factory PROFA is established as a tool for RCP knowledge creation, providing livinglabs and action spaces interweaving cross-sectoral innovation and societal contribution into ideation and creation processes. The knowledge created is then transferred into the educational activities that are housed in the EURECA-PRO Life-long Learning Academy ELLA, the Doctoral School and the Degree Programmes that are set up. In these schools and programmes critical, future-oriented, multi-dimensional change-makers and citizens on all levels are cultivated and transversally skilled by highly innovative educators. Through EURECA-PRO’s unified approach in establishing joint structures and cross-border collaboration encompassing extensive exchange and mobility between the partners, barriers can be identified and strategies devised to eliminate these for the evolution of deeply integrated cooperation.

This huge endeavour seeks to transform the mindset of all stakeholders involved so that science, education, innovation and integration are recognised as key to the solution of complex societal challenges.  Only interdisciplinary and systemic approaches can lead to the desired solutions.

Message from the EURECA-PRO rectors on the main achievements of phase 1.0

In the first project phase of EURECA-PRO (2020-2023), our partner universities laid the foundation for the international and interdisciplinary cooperation among researchers, staff and students across the partner universities to build a strong and strategic university alliance. It introduced new study programmes on Responsible Consumption and Production and established research groups and 6 lighthouse missions as well as an international renowned conference on RCP. In the next phase (2023-2027) the alliance will continue making headway towards becoming the centre of excellence in Europe for education and research on responsible consumption and production as well as moving towards the long-term goal of creating a virtual and integrated European campus until 2040.

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