The research arm of EURECA-PRO

General Introduction

RE-EURECA-PRO is a research arm of EURECA-PRO. The common goal is to strengthen the research and innovation dimension and the transformative future potential of EURECA-PRO, in line with the 2040 long-term version of a virtual university for responsible consumption and production.

RE-EURECA-PRO tries to use the potential that lies in social and scientific exchange to create a basis of trust and interaction so that together we can realise our vision of a sustainable future. We listen to your calls from society and try to realise your wishes, goals and visions together with you. We work for you, for future generations and for a sustainable and environmentally friendly coexistence.


The relevance of responsible consumption and production and the associated cross-border European cooperation is undisputed given the current global situation, and the rapid changes brought about by technical and scientific progress. RE-EURECA-PRO has recognised that our previous economic activity has created a state of uncertainty that now forces us to judge and act. RE-EURECA PRO, funded from the Europeans Union´s Horizon 2020, a consortium of seven European universities committed to a grand future vision: responsible consumption and production, equity, climate change, borderless European higher education, Social Knowledge, lifelong learning opportunities, civic engagement and unrestricted mobility.

Mission and Vision

The demand for Responsible Consumption and Production, especially for aid to counteract climate change, is increasing across countries. The European Union has recognized the need for strategic reorientation to reposition the European Union in the present and future and respond to critical developments regarding climate change.


One network

Of personalities from different countries, to exchange, to innovate jointly, to expand research

To offer

Students have an exceptional and unprecedented study experience

We seek to

Join forces to create one European University focused on responsible consumption and production

We foster

Freedom, mobility, accessibility and exchange to all citizens to promote civic engagement

We celebrate

The fundamental principles of the democratic state

We learn

How to realise ideas and visions together (regardless of whether young or old, academic or worker, child, pupil or student)

We try to connect

the fast-developing changes accompanied by technical changes and to include the current value system of the society in its actions.

We implement

Incorporate habitat flexibility, low localisation, eco-friendly living, cohesion and solution orientation into the collective thinking of the project and work in an interdisciplinary way to emphasise critical, creative and clear thinking so that the youth, as well as the citizens, can be tuned to the dynamic processes of their environment.


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Workpackage 1

Project Management and Dissemination

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Workpackage 2

New European Research Area - Citizen Engagement and Societal Knowledge

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Workpackage 3

New European Research Area - European Research and Open Science Collaboration

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Workpackage 4

New European Research Area - Science and Innovation Based Life-Long Learning

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Workpackage 5

New Human Capacity - Life Long Career and Human Resources Development

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Workpackage 6

New Human Capacity - Inclusiveness of Scientific Communities

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Workpackage 7

New Shared Potential - Joint Research Structures Utilization Strategy

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Workpackage 8

New Shared Potential - Joint Innovation Structure Utilization Strategy

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Workpackage 9

Ethics requirements

We stand for:


We stand for cross-border, interdisciplinary and excellent education for researchers, scientists, citizens, pupils and students.

Open Science

We pursue the goal of making science accessible to everyone. For this reason, an Open Science policy and Open Source is essential for RE-EURECA-PRO.


We provide opportunities for lifelong learning, simple and understandable scientific content, and everyday action guidance for sustainable consumption and production.


8 universities from 7 different countries have embraced the mission to expand inter-and transdisciplinary collaboration, ensure accessibility to science, foster innovation, recognise responsibility for our future, and boost civic engagement and active participation.


We are your contact in matters of responsible consumption and production SDG 4 and SDG 12

Civic engagement

We prepare highly complex knowledge in such a way that the public can understand it, and at the same time, we give you the tools to put the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Contact person

Aga Kosciuszko

Project Lead Coordinator RE-EURECA-PRO
Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL)
+43 3842 402 7246
+43 664 80898 7246

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