The European University on Responsible Consumption and Production

Who We Are

European Universities are intended to represent a new form of cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe with the long-term goal of strengthening the excellence the European Higher Education Area.

EURECA-PRO has a two-fold societal and planetary mission. Through its novel approach, on the one hand, it holistically contributes to the highly topical issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production under the umbrella of Sustainable Development Goal 12, and on the other hand it effectively contributes to the development of the European Higher Education Area complimentarily to Sustainable Development Goal 4.


Poster - Think Innovation Week - CirCular eConomy - Upcoming events

Think Innovation Week: CirCular eConomy & innovative plastiC reCyCling

In this course, the students will have the opportunity to work on patents at the Université de Lorraine.
EURECA-PRO PhD Journey 2024 - SocialMedia Banner Upcoming events

EURECA-PRO PhD Journey 2024

Join us this November for an exciting opportunity with EURECA-PRO in our upcoming PhD Journey!
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Transversal Responses: Filling the Gaps

The exhibition enables visitors to take part in debates that stimulate emotions and reflection on the topic of sustainability.
EURECA-PRO Seminar The European University EURECA-PRO, a key player for SDG 12 Upcoming events

EURECA-PRO – a key player for the SDG 12

This seminar presents an opportunity to bolster interdisciplinary dialogue between EURECA-PRO stakeholders and representatives from European and international institutions.
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18th Freiberg Colloquium of Young Researchers

The colloquium offers PhD students an opportunity to present and discuss their own research work and to obtain ideas for further research.
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Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education

A major challenge in education is guiding students through a complex and polarized media landscape, fostering the skill to discern reliable and scientifically accurate sources.

What We Do?​

EURECA-PRO vision and ambition charts the way towards a more inclusive, borderless European Higher Education Area, where freedom, free mobility, civic engagement, equal participation and transparent joint governance allow for the development of shared fundamental philosophies, common values and solution-oriented approaches regarding social cohesion, responsible citizenship and humanhood as well as responsible systems design

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Study programs

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Research activities

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EURECA-PRO for Society


RE-EURECA-PRO exhibition - Transversal Responses Filling the Gaps- gallery 02

RE-EURECA-PRO exhibition – “Transversal Responses: Filling the Gaps”

The exhibition enables visitors to take part in debates that stimulate emotions and reflection on the topic of sustainability.
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New Rector at Universidad de León

The EURECA-PRO alliance extends its heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Nuria González on this significant achievement and wishes her great success in her new role.
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Marek Pawełczyk was elected the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology

New Rector at Silesian University of Technology

EURECA-PRO extends its heartfelt congratulations to Marek Pawełczyk on this significant achievement and wishes him great success in his new role.
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EURECA-PRO External Communications Survey

Our survey aims to enhance transparency, promote our brand, and gather valuable feedback.
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Joint Master's Programme in Responsible Consumption and Production

Join our Master’s in Responsible Consumption and Production for a career at the forefront of sustainability and build an international network with our partner universities across Europe

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