The European University on Responsible Consumption and Production

Who We Are

European Universities are intended to represent a new form of cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe with the long-term goal of strengthening the excellence the European Higher Education Area.

EURECA-PRO has a two-fold societal and planetary mission. Through its novel approach, on the one hand, it holistically contributes to the highly topical issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production under the umbrella of Sustainable Development Goal 12, and on the other hand it effectively contributes to the development of the European Higher Education Area complimentarily to Sustainable Development Goal 4.

on Responsible Consumption and Production

Technical University of Crete, Chania | Crete – GREECE
26 – 29 September 2023


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Summer school CEAD 2024 – Reduction of carbon footprint in industry and beyond

In this 2024 edition of the International Summer School CEAD, we focus on low-carbon technologies and processes in various fields of research & industry.
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You and the European Union @ Universidad de León

This series of conferences will focus on four key areas for understanding the EU's vital role in everyday life: digitisation and cybersecurity, impact on education,
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International Students Scientific Conference TalentDetector2024_Winter

TalentDetector2024_Winter aims to integrate the student and scientific community as well as the young staff of Silesian Research Centers dealing with the subject of material
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Participants will have the opportunity to learn about cultural differences, share experiences and good practices, as well as practice soft skills, including intercultural sensitivity.

What We Do?​

EURECA-PRO vision and ambition charts the way towards a more inclusive, borderless European Higher Education Area, where freedom, free mobility, civic engagement, equal participation and transparent joint governance allow for the development of shared fundamental philosophies, common values and solution-oriented approaches regarding social cohesion, responsible citizenship and humanhood as well as responsible systems design

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Study programs

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Research activities

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EURECA-PRO for Society


Platinum and Gold Education Leaders Awards 2023 go to TUC TIE Lab

The project presented by the Lab has as its starting point the aggravating footprint that the fashion industry leaves on the environment and the imperative
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EURECA-PRO launches a new Joint Master’s Degree in Responsible Consumption and Production

The Joint Master’s Programme is aimed at students with an interest in Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG12) and the management of responsible consumption and production.
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EURECA-PRO celebrates the launch of Phase 2.0

Three years after the kick-off of the EURECA-PRO in 2020, the university alliance has now secured European Commission (EC) funding for the second project phase
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