Joint Master's Programme in Responsible Consumption and Production

Academic Degree Master of Science MSc
Language of Instruction: English

Join our Master’s in Responsible Consumption and Production for a career at the forefront of sustainability and build an international network with our partner universities across Europe.

In this pioneering Master’s programme, you will explore the latest global trends and sustainability challenges for responsible consumption and production, which is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Sustainable Production and Consumption). Designed for individuals with a strong interest in both technology and sustainability, this unique programme is aimed at those who want to tackle the multi-faceted complexities of this field. Structured around three core pillars this programme offers a deep dive into production processes and consumer behaviour.

Our curriculum is designed to educate professionals who will effectively integrate technology and business practices, preparing them for successful international careers. You will graduate with the expertise to drive positive change in sectors, such as commerce, services, NGOs and policy, positioning you as a key player in advancing global sustainable practices.

Application deadline for non-EU students*: 30.04.
Application deadline for EU students: 06.09.
*This is due to the additional bureaucratic processes involved in obtaining visas and embassy approvals.

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Rehabilitation and
Environmental related topics


All candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering, environmental studies or closely related fields.

In addition, all candidates should have a good command of English: TOEFL (internet-based test) minimum 83 points, TOEFL (paper-based test) minimum 550 points, IELTS overall band score minimum 6.0 points.


  • Earn an International Joint Degree with a unique balance between theoretical consideration of the problems being studied and practical approaches to sustainable solutions.
  • Gain multidisciplinary and intercultural skills while being immersed in three different cultures.
  • Equip yourselves with the necessary competence to secure cutting-edge careers.

What are your career opportunities?

Graduates of this programme will be equipped for dynamic career opportunities both nationally and internationally. By mastering the fusion of technology, business and sustainability, you will become indispensable in diverse sectors, such as commerce, services, NGOs and politics. Your expertise in analysing production systems, consumer behaviour and designing recyclable systems will position you as a leader in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.

You will be in demand for roles such as:

  1. Environmental Manager
  2. Sustainability Consultant
  3. Project Manager
  4. Strategic Manager
  5. Sustainable Product and Process Designer
  6. Management Consultant

There are also opportunities in environmental institutions, the energy sector and management consultancies. For those interested in research, a PhD at one of our partner universities offers a pathway to further academic excellence and contribution to the field. Unlock your potential and shape the future of sustainability with our programme.

Get ready for a transformative journey to becoming a sought-after sustainability expert.

Admission to the Joint Master's Degree Programme on Responsible Consumption and Production


Application deadline for non-EU students*: 30.04.
Application deadline for EU students: 06.09.
*This is due to the additional bureaucratic processes involved in obtaining visas and embassy approvals. We aim to ensure a smooth transition for all applicants. If you have any concerns or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our admissions team.
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Track summary:

CourseECTSType of course
Decision-Making and Risk Analysis4Compulsory
Sustainable Development: History of thought, basic concepts and current applications6Compulsory
Sustainability Management4,5Compulsory
Resource Economics3Compulsory
Project Management3Compulsory
Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy3Compulsory
Sustainability – Case Study0,5Compulsory
Logistics Strategy and Supply Chain Management3Compulsory
Free Elective3Compulsory

Track summary:

CourseECTSType of course
Problem Based Learning on Licensing, Expectation and Stakeholder Management5Compulsory
Environmental Geotechnics3Elective
Geomodelling – Geostatistics for Natural Resource Modelling5Elective
European Values and Culture5Elective
Responsible Consumption5Elective

Track summary:

CourseECTSType of course
International Responsible Consumption and Statistics6Compulsory
Consumer profiles: lifestyles and psychosocial processes6Compulsory
Consumer law and consumer protection6Compulsory
Artificial intelligence applied to e-commerce6Compulsory
Sustainable oriented innovation and social entrepreneurship6Compulsory

Required documents (originals or scans):

All documents must be legally certified and submitted both in original language and in English (online and per post).

  • Passport or identity card
  • Application form (please download the form here)
  • Language certificate
  • Optional: Proof of completed internships
  • Full school leaving certificate (all pages)
  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma
  • Transcripts or proof of courses attended at the previous university (number of hours), examinations taken
  • Foreign-language documents must be translated into English by a sworn and court-certified interpreter.

Steps for online application:

  • Create a basic account at Monatnuniversität Leoben – Admission portal. Make sure you remember your login details so that you can manage your application
  • In the online pre-registration, enter the application for your chosen programme and upload the required documents.
  • At the end, confirm that all the information you have entered is correct in the summary and click on Submit. Your application has now been submitted.