Master Programs

For students that have already completed an undergraduate/bachelor degree related to Responsible Consumption and Production but wish to broaden their knowledge within this exciting field then this is for you!

Whether your undergraduate degree was on raw materials, engineering, consumption or another related discipline and you wish to further their studies in Responsible Consumption and Production and/or European values and cultural studies then you can apply for one of the Master’s study programmes on offer across the alliance.

As with the Bachelor programmes, each new programme is hosted by one of the partners but includes compulsory mobility to one or more other universities as defined by the study programmes.

Master’s degree program

The programme teaches the circularity of products and systems at a technical-scientific level.

Thus is develops competences in the students, especially with regard to

  • resource efficiency,
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • the development of sustainably usable and recyclable products.


Responsible Consumption and Production Engineers master the concept of circularity of material flow systems especially on the production side: From primary raw materials, the production systems to the product.

Additionally, they are qualified to plan and implement the production of quality-assured, secondary raw materials from end-of-life products using sustainable, innovative technical-technological recycling processes.

They have the competence to drive holistic development of products and production systems, both in terms of production and consumption of the products.

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