ONLINE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Course - starting March 16, 2022

EURECA-PRO, Spring Term 2022

Course Objectives 

EURECA-PRO/European University on Responsible Consumption and Production is initiating a free online course on “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”, consisting of 14 lectures presented by leading professors and researchers of seven European universities from six countries. The main purpose of the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship training course” is to nurture students and scientific staff in creative and innovative thinking by providing practical knowledge, skills and competences in business and market basics, offering business plan orientation, and promoting problem-solution thinking and leadership skills. The following thematic areas will be covered:

The course lectures are open to any interested individual, especially students, faculty, researchers and university staff. They begin on March 16, 2022 and conclude on July 6, 2022. The detailed program of the Online Training Course is available here.

To register for the course, please visit the registration page. All registered participants will receive a personalized zoom link, that will give access to all lectures.

ECTS Credits

Interested participants may be awarded with 3 ECTS credits, provided that they check this option during registration, attend at least 11 out of 14 lectures and participate successfully in an online test at the end of the course. The study load requirement for the test is estimated to be 50 hours. These participants will be given access to the relevant educational material and proposed literature through the EURECA-PRO LMS (instructions about access will be emailed separately).

Certificate of Attendance

Interested participants may receive a Certificate of Attendance for their participation in the training course, provided that they check this option during registration and they attend at least six hours of the online lectures during the entire course.

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