EURECA-PRO Invited Lecture at TUC

EURECA-PRO Invited Lecture at TUC

"Decarbonizing the Water Sector: Biochar-Integrated Advanced Water Treatment as a Transversal Negative Emissions Technology"

21 May, 2024 @ TUC Campus, Chania, Greece | on-site & on-line via Zoom

Invited Lecturer: Gregory Möller, Ph.D., FNAI
Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA

The water sector faces critical challenges in achieving sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. In this seminar, we explore our innovative scalable technologies that contribute to decarbonization while enhancing advanced water treatment efficiency. 

This comprehensive study in transversality explores the application of biochar in advanced water treatment processes, highlighting its high-efficiency potential in phosphorus removal and recovery, micropollutant catalytic oxidation, and carbon-negative operation in a single novel platform.  The research spans laboratory, field pilot-scale, and full-scale trials at municipal Water Resource Recovery Facilities, showcasing the effectiveness of biochar-integrated systems in improving water quality, contributing to food security by nutrient-upcycled biochar recovery, and contributing to climate crisis mitigation as a dose-dependent Negative Emissions Technology. 

Overall, the results demonstrate the potential of carbon negativity to become a water treatment performance standard as important and attainable as pollutant and pathogen removal.

WHO: The event will be open to students, staff, researchers and everyone who is interested.
WHEN: Tuesday, 21 May, 2024 13:00 CEST | 14:00 EEST
  • onsite K2.A1 @ TUC Campus, Chania, Greece
  • online via zoom
  • livestream on TUC and EURECA-PRO FBs
Meeting ID: 92336028187
Password: 538845
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