Pupils’ University in the Park

"Schwanenteich" public park near HSMW Campus | 17th June, 2023

On 17 June, the RE-EURECA-PRO Pupils’ University took place at HSMW. But instead of listening to a professor in the lecture hall as usual, this time the young researchers went out into the green. Precisely, to the “Schwanenteich” (Swan pond) in Mittweida, a public park in the city.

This time, 25 children (between 8 and 12 years) went on a search for clues with Prof. Labudde and his team of digital forensic experts after “Hubert” the deer and learned about the basics of forensic investigations and sustainable procedures for recording and processing clues.

The core questions were: “How do I deal with evidence?”; “How do I behave at the crime scene?” and “How do I store the important materials in the long term?” In addition, the children got to know the digital file – with it, traces and clues of any kind can be stored and used again for future criminal cases.

While the children were successfully pursuing their investigations, the parents were also able to find out about the work of the forensic scientists at the Hochschule Mittweida on a sunny meadow within sight.

The implementation of the childrens’ university is one of the Milestones (MS4) of WP2 on Citizen Engagement and Societal Knowledge.


The aim of the Pupils’ University is to make complex scientific topics accessible and exciting for young people. By facilitating access to complex topics, and also popularizing these topics, we can encourage children to pursue them.


School children from elementary school and their parents.

LOCATION: "Schwanenteich" public park, Mittweida

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