RE-EURECA-PRO Pupils’ University

HSMW Campus

17 June, 2023

The participants will experience the scientific content as closely as possible through various elements by preparing the content appropriately and allowing the children to apply their knowledge practically within the framework of experiments and learning stories.

Additionally, in order to reduce hurdles, the Event will take place away from school grounds or university campus in a public space, more precisely in a park in Mittweida. Using a public space, the environment will also be included in the concretely planned event. Not only to create a varied character compared to other children’s universities, but also for the active experience and use of nature. In the context of sustainability, the event with the title “Searching for clues at Schwanenteich: We are detectives today!” will deal with sustainable methods in forensics.


The aim of the Pupils’ University is to make complex scientific topics accessible and exciting for young people. By facilitating access to complex topics, and also popularizing these topics, we can encourage children to pursue them.


School children from elementary school and their parents.


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