Proposals to improve brain circulation in EURECA-PRO

María Fernández-Raga, Laura Estévez-Mauriz, Oliver Torres-Reynoso,
Roberto Baelo-Álvarez | Universidad de León


This factsheet is about four proposals with the aim of promoting healthy brain circulation in EURECA-PRO. They range from the most generic ones, which are knowledge flow and management, to the most research-orientated ones, which are research career and human capital flow. 

A healthy brain circulation could be attained in EURECA-PRO if each institution of the alliance commit themselve to collaborate with the other partners to accomplish the pillars described.

Knowledge flow

A correct flow of knowledge on the alliance should be ensured by:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Solid networks within and outside the alliance
  • Integration of diaspora communities
  • Intensification of industry-university collaboration


Institutions’ management should adjust their:

  • Social dimension, with inclusive and fair human resources policies
  • Political dimension, with commitment with local institutions, bottom-up approach, and image improvement
  • Economical dimension, oriented towards a knowledge-based economy

Research career

Excellence and stability in research career should be provided by:

  • Stabilization of the research career with actions such as embracing diverse CV profiles.
  • Training researchers to avoid skills gap among researchers and ensure their access to international opportunities.

Human capital flow

Researchers’ flow should be guaranteed by:

  • Internationalization of research by fostering mobilities, language standardization, and open-minded and respectful culture.
  • Filling the gaps in local research infrastructures by joint research and share of infrastructure.

Factsheet: Proposals to improve brain circulation in EURECA-PRO

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