Graduation in four days
@ RE-EURECA-PRO Project Week

3 - 7 July, 2023 | @Hochschule Mittweida, HSMW Campus

From 03 to 06 July, HSMW carried out a Project Week called “SpeedBachelor” in cooperation with the local high school “Gymnasium Mittweida”. 

The aim was to give 31 pupils from grades 9 to 11 (ages 15 to 17) an understanding of studying and life at a university. In order to realize this as well as to approach the target groups with the most creative methods and incentives possible, the concept of the SpeedBachelor was developed – a kind of quick run-through of a course of study, which illustrates both the various teaching and learning formats as well as important locations and aspects of life as a student.

Starting on Monday with a short matriculation ceremony, a study counselling session explaining the different types of schools and study programs, followed by the first lecture and a seminar which were rounded off by a campus tour. The following days included various lectures on the behavior of bees, global communication, sustainable real estate management, physics as well as a guided tour through the laser institute. Finally, the week was concluded with a round of reflection and the presentation of certificates: The SpeedBachelor diploma.

In addition to the one-day “Mini-Bachelor” for elementary school students, the four-day “SpeedBachelor” for students in higher grades was developed as part of one of the RE-EURECA-PRO Workpackages. Both have in common the intention to make the University with all its colorful facets tangible and experienceable to sensitize the participants for their later career choice.

The implementation of the project week is one of the Milestones (MS3) of WP2 on Citizen Engagement and Societal Knowledge.


The Project Week at the HSMW is based on the concept of a “Speedbachelor”. This means: In one week, the participants are supposed to go through an entire course of study from matriculation to the exmatriculation ceremony.

In addition to program points where the students get the opportunity to identify their most suitable courses of study, there are campus tours, lectures, and experiments. The students get a week-long insight into the everyday life of students and can ask questions and get to know the university as well as themselves better.


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