RE-EURECA-PRO Project Week
@Hochschule Mittweida

3 - 7 July, 2023
HSMW Campus

The Project Week at the HSMW is based on the concept of a “Speedbachelor”. This means: In one week, the participants are supposed to go through an entire course of study from matriculation to the exmatriculation ceremony.

In addition to program points where the students get the opportunity to identify their most suitable courses of study, there are campus tours, lectures, and experiments.

The students get a week-long insight into the everyday life of students and can ask questions and get to know the university as well as themselves better.


The event serves as an introduction to the university and to provide the students with helpful information on the organization of courses, as well as study programs, scientific processes, and research.

Target group: Students of Gymnasium Mittweida

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