Transversal Responses:
Filling the Gaps

24 May - 05 July, 2024
Studienzentrum Montanuniversität Leoben
Peter-Tunner-Strasse 23; 8700 Leoben | Austria

The immersive art/science exhibition Transversal Responses: Filling the Gaps concludes RE-EURECA-PRO, a EURECA-PRO project on sustainability led by the Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria). The European University EURECA-PRO pursues an ambitious vision for the future: the sustainable use of natural resources and responsible consumption (Sustainable Development Goal 12), climate protection, gender equality, borderless European higher education, opportunities for lifelong learning, knowledge transfer, social commitment and unrestricted mobility. The university alliance strongly supports transversal skills to put holistic goals into action. The exhibition picks up on this methodology and invites visitors to explore the RE-EURECA-PRO project interactively.

The exhibition enables visitors to take part in debates that stimulate emotions and reflection on the topic of sustainability. Through innovative elements such as an acoustic container, a debate tent, and a processual performance of the syllable RE/, the exhibition opens a dialogue with the RE-EURECA-PRO team’s voices, thoughts, and perspectives. Textile sculptures, sound and an argumentation game invite critical thinking on the complexity and interdependencies of the topic through haptic, immaterial, and intangible experiences.

Exhibition concept and design: Dominika Glogowski – Director of artEC/Oindustry, an interdisciplinary think tank that tackles the arts as an interactive platform for an empathetic transformation and design policy in the mining sector.

When: from 24 of May until 05 of July, 2024
Where: Studienzentrum Montanuniversität Leoben, Peter-Tunner-Strasse 23; Leoben | Austria
Language: Bilingual (German & English)

Free entrance!

Event coordinator: Dr. Karoline Gritzner | karoline.gritzner(at)

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