EURECA-PRO students attended the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg

Engaging Students in Shaping the Future of Europe

Participating in decision-making processes and shaping the future of Europe is an invaluable opportunity for young students. Recently, four students from the EURECA-PRO alliance, consisting of the University of León (ULE), the University of Petrosani (UP), and the University of Leoben (MUL), embarked on a transformative experience at the 2nd edition of the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg, France. Organized by the European Community of Universities, this assembly aimed to bring together students from various European university alliances to discuss matters concerning the future of Europe.

The European Student Assembly provided a platform for 240 students from 44 European university alliances to engage in thought-provoking discussions. With a focus on ten topics of high importance, participants came together to exchange ideas, share insights, and collectively work toward shaping the future of Europe. Students of the EURECA-PRO alliance had the privilege of representing our universities in four panels: Panel 6, dedicated to the digital transition, Panel 4, focusing on the food plate, Panel 5 of taking better care of each other, focussing on mental health, and Panel 10 dedicated to the European year of skills. 

Throughout the assembly, the students were involved in panel discussions, where they were engaged in profound aspects of their respective topics. Our students actively contributed to the formulation of policy recommendations for each panel’s topic. Then these recommendations were subjected to a democratic voting process among the assembly participants. This ensured that the ideas and proposals generated during the assembly will reach a wider audience and will be considered in future decision-making processes. By actively participating and sharing their perspectives, our students demonstrated their commitment to driving positive change within Europe.

Beyond its immediate objectives, the European Student Assembly serves as a motivator for fostering a community of young European students. By providing a platform for collaboration, engagement, and networking, the assembly aims to empower the younger generation to actively participate in shaping the future of Europe. It serves as a reminder that every student’s voice, regardless of their academic backgrounds and experiences, plays a significant role in European decision-making processes.

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