Standards and international state of the art report

Action Area 3: New Shared Potential
Deliverable 7.4 | WORK PACKAGE 7 – Joint Research Structures Utilization Strategy

Silesian University of Technology

Type: Summary
The main purpose of D7.4 document is to present a first proposal of the model for joint research structure to the RE-EURECA-PRO consortium and spark a discussion towards the model implementation within the governance structures of each EURECA-PRO Partner institution. Elaborated document will be used as a base for following consultation meetings with appointed management representatives of each RE-EURECA-PRO Partner to design adjustment measures and define final implementation methods that will be undertaken within the consortium and described in the last WP7 deliverable D7.5 “Adjustment measures report”, planned for M33.
The proposed model was derived based on following data:
  • analysis of state of the art and good practices regarding (joint) research actions in RE-EURECA-PRO consortium and in other University Alliances Projects funded under Horizon 2020 SwafS program,
  • analysis of constraints and challenges (legal and organizational) brought up by RE-EURECA-PRO Partners during WP7 research actions,
  • recommendations of External Experts received based on the analysis of governance models of RE-EURECA-PRO Partners,
  • concept of governance and management structures shaping in the whole EURECA-PRO Alliance developed within the Erasmus+ program.
Model proposed and described in D7.4 document assumes tapping into the existing governance structures of each Alliance Partner to allow a pilot tests of joint research actions to further identify needs and challenges in that area. The model proposal is composed of three elements:
  • management structure including joint units
  • administration procedures description
  • infrastructure sharing guidelines.
Description of the abovementioned elements should serve as a roadmap towards the final documents that will be elaborated based on the remarks provided by legal and managerial staff from all RE-EURECA-PRO Partners and included in the future report on adjustment measures (D7.5).
We invite to download the report:
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