Press release EURECA-PRO Conference and Young Researchers Forum

25th October, 2022

The EURECA-PRO Conference on Responsible Consumption and Production 2022 provided an interdisciplinary forum for practitioners, academic and scientific experts on responsible consumption and production.

The EURECA-PRO conference took place from the 19th to the 21st of October at the University of León. The conference aimed at constituting a benchmark for leading researchers in this field to discuss current and future challenges, and innovative solutions considering the technological, humanistic, economic, social and environmental dimension of responsible consumption and production. A combination of workshops, panel discussions and plenary sessions with speakers from interdisciplinary backgrounds provided a place to share experiences, scientific results and the most recent advances to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12.

Young Researchers Forum

The EURECA-PRO Young Researchers Forum was integrated into the conference week and provided an opportunity to make a difference in young researchers’ scientific work and educational careers. The forum aimed at combining disciplines looking towards the challenges within the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production (UN SDG-12). The aim was to set a benchmark in young researchers’ careers within an innovative learning and productive environment.

EURECA-PRO team meeting

In the course of their visit to the University of León, 20 representatives from the 9 partner universities of the EURECA-PRO alliance gathered to draft the proposal for the next project phase, which will be presented to the European Commission. The meeting represented the kick-off to the next proposal writing phase and also aimed at discussing the strategic alignment of the alliance in the future.
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