Hydrogen and Carbon Summit

26th of September, 2023 | Chania, Greece

EURECA-PRO cordially invites the researchers of the consortium for a day of scientific exchange and networking in the field of pyrolysis of bio- and natural gas as well as the utilisation of carbon, hydrocarbons and hydrogen.

The purpose of the summit is to identify common research ambitions, get to know the expertise of all EURECA-PRO partner universities and initiate joint research activities to boost scientific research and innovation. A total number of 205 publications in the given topics have already been collected, which will be made available to the participating researchers. The submissions were used to determine the thematic framework of the summit.

The summit takes place directly before the 3rd EURECA-PRO Conference on Responsible Consumption and Production (www.conference.eurecapro.eu) and thus provides a unique opportunity to spend a scientific week in Chania.

A list of accommodation options can be found below


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