From Bachelor to PhD: Julia Sishchuk coordinates EURECA-PRO study programs "European Studies in Responsible Consumption and Production”

May 31, 2021

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At the EURECA-PRO partner university TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Julia Sishchuk has been Task Manager for Work Package II – Education and Study Programs since March. The new educational programs titled “European Studies in Responsible Consumption and Production” are organized by the EURECA-PRO team in Freiberg (Germany). First PhD students from the partner universities will already start their PhD-journey in September 2021.

Julia, could you please give us an overview on the new study programs?
We will first introduce the new PhD program with a focus on Responsible Consumption and Production (RCP)” as the planning is already at a very advanced stage. We expect to be able to welcome the doctoral students from various disciplines in a few months! In the second half of 2022, interested students can take up master and bachelor studies on RCP-content.

7 partner universities, 6 countries – 1 unified European campus. What is the biggest challenge in organizing the new study programs?
TU Bergakademie Freiberg is responsible for the development of the study programs within the alliance. For me, it is particularly challenging to create the framework so that the new programs can be meaningfully integrated into teaching and research at all partner universities and the study achievements of all students will be mutually recognized.

This is because the structures and regulations are different in each country and in each educational system. We identified approximately 600 modules with RCP-content across all subject groups at the partner universities. This pool of modules is available to students to design their individual study plan. Compulsory subjects are to be reduced to the bare minimum. The students also decide on their location of study and on which virtual classes they desire to take.

What are your tasks to achieve those joint study programs?
As task manager for the “Education” work package, I am responsible for the timely development of concepts and measures in the area of joint study programs. I ensure communication between the respective program managers of the partner universities and the EURECA-PRO team. Making sure that the joint study programs can be implemented as planned is another task.

What other opportunities will be offered for the students?
A joint lecture series of all partners in the module “Responsible Consumption and Production” has already started in April. Also, we are currently preparing the first summer school for September 2021. Courses for the languages of the partner universities or countries will also be available.

Would you tell us a little about your career path?
Before joining EURECA-PRO as a task manager, I worked in the field of intercultural communication at the Mining University of St. Petersburg, including positions as coordinator of the German-Russian Raw Materials Forum or as Head of Department. I was involved in double degree agreements and “joint degrees” in cooperation with other European universities, as well. Besides, I have a doctorate in German Studies, which is why I am particularly pleased to be able to contribute to the goals of the alliance from my office in Freiberg.