Life changes science | 12–15 June, 2024 | Katowice, Poland

On wednesday June 12, Prof. Marek Pawelczyk, Rector Elect of Silesian University of Technology, was among those who opened the 11th EUROSCIENCE OPEN FORUM in Katowice, Poland. Katowice is the European City of Science in 2024 and the theme for the ESOF2024 is: Life changes science.

Katowice will host Europe’s and the world’s leading personalities in the world of science, academic researchers, representatives of public and non-public institutions supporting science, business people, representatives of media, and those interested in the role of science in the contemporary world.

The ESOF 2024 conference program is structured around six main areas that are the most important challenges of science: Energy transformation, sustainable environment, cultural identity and social transformation, changes in scientific excellence, healthy society and digital transformation.

EURECA-PRO will be represented during the ESOF24 in different panels:

  • Marek Pawelczyk will take part in the discussion “The future of European universities
  • Marcin Gorski will take part in the Panel Discussion during the European Talent Fair
  • Sebastian Werle will take part in seminar: “Green Growth Ahead. Innovations in energy, ICT and green transport.”
  • Aga Kosciuszko (RE-EURECA-PRO) will lead the round table with EU-CONEXUS and TORCH (CHARM-EU): “The European Universities Initiative – new ways of strengthening international cooperation and connecting researchers.

We all think traditionally that science changes lives, and here we say that it is in fact life that changes science,” explained Professor Marek Pawełczyk, Rector Elect of the Silesian University of Technology, Vice-President of the ESOF2024 Program Committee. – ”Life is full of challenges, as we have seen in recent years during the COVID-19 pandemic, or when the war broke out in Ukraine. It was then necessary to switch to more concrete thinking, one that is used to solve current goals and problems. These challenges may surprise, and therefore science must be ready to respond to what life brings.

ESOF2024 is one of the most significant international conferences, having an impact on the science and world transformation. The main goal of the ESOF2024 conference is to explore the connections between science and society, the conditions for conducting research, and their impact on society. ESOF2024 is centred around the six main areas corresponding to the biggest challenges science is currently facing: Energy Transition, Sustainable Environment, Cultural Identity and Societal Transformation, Changes Within Scientific Excellence, Healthy Society, and Digital Transformation.

ESOF is an initiative by EuroScience, the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, a non-profit organization associating scientists from all over Europe. The conference has been continuously taking place since 2004 in cities with the title of the European City of Science.

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