EURECA-PRO Seminar The European University EURECA-PRO, a key player for SDG 12

The European University EURECA-PRO, a key player for SDG 12

12th of June 2024 | Brussels, Belgium

The European Commission, eager to enhance strategic autonomy, particularly regarding supply chain and raw material dependencies, has enacted the Critical Raw Materials Act (2023). The partners of the European university EURECA-PRO, the European University on Responsible Consumption And Production, together with socioeconomic stakeholders contribute to cultivate value chains for EU industrial ecosystems to diminish dependency by increasing extraction, processing, and recycling within the EU. This contributes to enhance clean technologies manufacturing capacities in the EU.

Simultaneously, this transition necessitates significant societal shifts on the consumption front to facilitate a just transition toward a more sustainable and responsible society, as advocated by the Green Deal. This just transition also demands the development of new skills, as highlighted by the UN’s Global Resource Outlook (2024), which identifies skill gaps as a barrier in the framework of the transition. The required new skills could potentially be integrated on the scale of the European higher education area, such as within European Universities.

EURECA-PRO, in collaboration with European partners, is deeply committed to advancing education, research, innovation, and science with and for citizens at both the European and global levels in the field of Responsible Consumption and Production, aligned with the United Nations SDG 12 targets. This seminar presents an opportunity to bolster interdisciplinary dialogue between EURECA-PRO stakeholders and representatives from European and international institutions, as well as the structuring of ecosystems in the fields of research, innovation, and education.

DATE: 12 June 2024

LOCATION: Maison Irène et Frédéric Joliot-Curie, 100 rue du Trone, Brussels, in the European district, Belgium


Registration deadline: 1st of June 2024


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