Conference on
Functional Materials Engineering

30 September - 03 October 2024| Hasselt University, Embuild Limburg, Belgium

The upcoming conference on Functional Materials Engineering will explore the entire value chain of this critical field, encompassing deposition, application, and characterization of functional materials. The event will focus on four specific topics: 

  1. Materials Technologies for Engineering Liquid-Surface Interactions: This session will delve into the complexities of managing liquid/solid interactions to enhance surface functionalities and optimize coating and printing processes.
  2. Materials Technologies for Durable Coatings: **Attendees will learn about advanced coating systems designed to protect metal surfaces in harsh environments, combining organic, inorganic, and hybrid chemistries with innovative analytical and modeling techniques.
  3. Materials Technologies for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics:  This session will focus on the deposition of conductive materials on flexible substrates, crucial for integrating sensors and electronics into smart products for IoT applications.
  4. Materials Technologies for Organic and Perovskite Electronics: The application of organic materials in energy devices, such as photovoltaics and light-emitting devices, will be discussed, highlighting their potential in renewable energy solutions.

The 4-day event will include masterclasses, keynote presentations, and training sessions on valorization and intellectual property (IP). Participants, including PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, are invited to present their work through oral or poster presentations. The conference will foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between academia and industry, aiming to advance the field of functional materials engineering.

WHEN: 30 September – 03 October 2024;

WHERE: Hasselt University, Embuild Limburg, Wetenschapspark 33, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium;

WHO: PhD and post doctoral students;


More details about the Programme, Speakers and Registration information can be found on the: Conference website!

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