Banner for event: Climate? Take action! 2024

Climate? Take action!

Event at Hasselt University raised awareness for the climate crisis | 22nd of February, 2024

When: 22nd of February, 2024

Where: Hasselt University


TARGET GROUP: Students, staff but also external

The goal of the event was to increase awareness around the climate crisis and motivate people to take action.

A diverse array of perspectives converged at Hasselt University during a thought-provoking lecture on sustainability. Speakers such as, directorate-general from the European Commission KURT VANDENBERGHE, Climate activists HANNAH PRINS and IGNACE SCHOPS, UHasselt professors BART VERMANG and ELKE KNAPEN, and Head of the Belgian Climate Centre Valeria Trouet. Every single one of them provided unique insights and strategies for tackling the pressing issue of sustainability. From policy frameworks to grassroots activism, the speakers delved into various dimensions of sustainability, igniting lively discussions and inspiring the audience with innovative solutions. 

The event served as a testament to the power of collaboration and dialogue in driving positive change for a more sustainable future.

The conclusion of the evening: Take action! There is still HOPE!

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