Work Programme

3-year work programme

The overall approach of the Alliance is to effectively contribute to solve the societal challenge of SDG12 and through this contribute to developing the EHEA as the two-fold missions perfectly complement and need each other. EURECA-PRO does so by establishing shared governance, administration and content structures that allow for complementary collaboration and production of results. Students, society, industry and other external stakeholders are integrated into the creation of structures and contents to make EURECA-PRO inclusive, authentic and relevant.

First, a project coordination system in the form of a Project Management Board is established. It ensures proper project implementation, distribution of roles and responsibilities, internal and external communication, reporting and documentation on the deliverables, meeting schedules and financial and timeline controlling. A Digital Platform with sub-platforms is implemented to serve as the basis for the future virtual campus.

Virtual European Faculties for operation are established and a 3-cycle study programme (Bachelor, Master and PhD) in “European Studies (ESt) heavily focusing on mobility is developed and started. Additionally, the UniQUest summer school takes place each summer and the PhD journey takes place every year. Curricular mobility is required on the master level. Besides this, there is an additional module named SupplESt which enables students from different study programs that are not part of EURECA-PRO to get familiar with the topic but also to join EURECA-PRO at a later point. Partners develop capacities according to detected gaps after a thorough analysis.

An interuniversity research collaboration is established with a Research Task Force as responsible coordinator. Lighthouse missions establish a common understanding of the sustainability frameworks applied. Competent cross-institutional and interdisciplinary research groups are founded. Input for topical research definition comes directly from society and industry through targeted events. Additionally, global complementary knowledge alliances are formed to cover specialist areas needed. Research results are translated into educational challenges in problem-based learning classrooms.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer services and centres are designed. An Innovation Pipeline to cascade the idea to the product and related training course are offered. Digital infrastructure and courses for virtual training opportunities in various fields (innovation, transversal skills, teaching and similar) of students and staff are established. A Transversal Skills package covering the STEAM approach and including offers in European Identity, intercultural skills, STEM skills, soft skills or teaching skills is compiled.

A 4-stage Governance System until 2040 meets the changing needs of EURECA-PRO as it evolves and ensures long-term sustainability of the alliance. It includes relevant boards and interaction rules.

Third Mission, Science Communication and properly designed Dissemination and Exploitation plans effectively spread project results to relevant stakeholder groups in wider society, industry, the science community or governments to transfer knowledge and create awareness.